In an effort to maximize the use of resources and build communities to better prepare our future generations for aging, HKUST has formed strategic partnership with charitable organizations. Haven of Hope Christian Service (HOHCS) is one of the pioneering non-governmental philanthropic organisations in Hong Kong. Besides their long history of providing elderly care services such as hospital and nursing homes, HOHCS are continuously looking for new technology to serve the elderly and assist the community which is in line with the purpose of the Center for Aging Science. This partnership provides a means to achieve the goals of both sides by putting our needs, experience, expertise and aging research efforts in practice. We are confident our collaborations will help promote healthy aging and create broad space for future development.

Facial Landmark Detection

Using cameras and a facial landmark detector to monitor facial expressions for early detection of certain mental or physical diseases.

Pulse Water Disinfection

Using pulse electric field technology to deactivate microorganisms in tap water in replacement of the traditional use of chlorine as a disinfectant.

Improving Healthcare Operations

Using optimization and decision analytics to improve coordination, quality, and effectiveness of meal delivery services or other elderly care operations.

Smart Wheelchairs

Designing an auto-guided vehicular platform for the transportation of wheelchairs, meals, medicine, and equipment for the reduction of manpower and streamlining operations.

The Search of Cure for Alzheimer's

Whole-genome sequencing for Alzheimer’s disease in the Chinese population as an objective diagnostic tool for early risk assessment, disease progression and monitoring.