PhD in Decision Sciences
Assistant Professor
Associate Director of Center for Aging Science
Research Interests
Healthcare operations
Robust optimization
Target-based decision making
Selected Publications
Qi, Jin, Mitigating Delays and Unfairness in Appointment Systems, 2017, Link
Jaillet, Patrick; Qi, Jin; Sim, Melvyn, Routing optimization under uncertainty, 2016, Link
Qi, Jin; Sim, Melvyn; Sun, Defeng; Yuan, Xiaoming, Preferences for Travel Time under Risk and Ambiguity: Implications in Path Selection and Network Equilibrium, 2016, Link
Meng, Fanwen; Qi, Jin; Zhang, Meilin; Ang, James; Chu, Singfat; Sim, Melvyn, A Robust Optimization Model for Managing Elective Admission in a Public Hospital, 2015, Link
Hall, Nicholas G.; Long, Daniel Zhuoyu; Qi, Jin; Sim, Melvyn, Managing Underperformance Risk in Project Portfolio Selection, 2015, Link
Long, Daniel Zhuoyu; Qi, Jin, Distributionally Robust Discrete Optimization with Entropic Value-at-Risk, 2014, Link