Keeping Air Clean and Safe, Keeping Water Pure and Environmental Infection Control

Elderly people are vulnerable to infection due to their weakened immune system. Keeping the air, water and living environment free of pathogens is important in keeping elderly people healthy and active. Technologies that purify and disinfect the air they breathe and water they drink, as well as the environment they live in are essential in preventing infection and safeguarding their health and well-being.

Prof King Lun Yeung, Prof Joseph Kwan, Prof Wei Han, and their team of inter-disciplinary researchers and students have been working closely with Haven of Hope Christian Service (HOHCS) to bring the latest cutting-edge technologies in infection control to healthcare and long-term care facilities for the elderly. Prof K. L. Yeung’s expertise in materials and environment has brought into reality a family of smart antimicrobial technologies that keep us safe from disease causing bacteria, viruses and spores that can be found in the air we breathe, the water we drink, and surfaces we touch.  Prof Joseph Kwan is a highly respected public health expert who brings to focus the use of these technologies in areas of critical needs in healthcare settings. Prof Wei Han’s background in catalysis and materials provides new approaches to infection control in crowded environment.