1. Can a GZ campus faculty be the PI?

Yes. Applications from both CWB and GZ campuses are all welcome. 

2. Can we potentially collaborate with an external university?

This funding scheme aims to encourage collaboration. However, as many other Hong Kong funded projects, it is preferred for the resources to be kept in the university, or in Hong Kong as far as possible.

3. Is an industrial partner a must?

A non-academic partner is a must, to achieve the goal of delivering impact. The partner does not have to make any financial contributions, purely the willingness to work with us.

4. Does the partner need to be Hong Kong based?

Not at all, only who the most appropriate partner would be. It be anywhere in the world. 

5. Any suggestion for applicants who did not get funded in the first round?

The panel will judge very particularly on the priority set out in the guidelines. Projects didn’t get funded were simply not as strong as others in meeting those priority.  

6. Is matching funding allowed?

Yes, but it is not a requirement.