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This one-day conference aims to bring together experts from academia, government, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to share their insights and best practices in promoting mental health and well-being. The conference will feature keynote presentations, panel and open discussions, allowing participants to engage with experts and learn practical strategies for mental health promotion.

This conference will provide a valuable opportunity for the lay public in Hong Kong to learn about mental health and well-being from experts in the field. By fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing among stakeholders and participants, the conference aims to empower individuals and strengthen communities in promoting mental health across Hong Kong.


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  1. Keynote speeches by HKUST faculties showcaseing innovative projects and initiatives
  2. Interactive panel and open discussions, and Q&A sessions
  3. Networking opportunities with professionals and like-minded individuals


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Center for Aging Science, HKUST


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Division of Public Policy, HKUST