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Projects Overview

Aging is a natural part of life that brings changes to physical, psychological and social health. Despite the changes being irreversible, there are many ways to enhance the quality of life as we age. With a view to promoting healthy aging, our aim is to develop an understanding of the aging process through the science of aging; engage aging research across disciplines with the implementation of comprehensive strategies for tackling population change and foster healthy aging.

ADAPTATION Improving wellbeing of those in need today
MITIGATION Improving the current and future condition of people who have already had many aspects of their life-course in train
RESILIENCE Ensuring the youngest in society age well and can maximise their social and economic potential


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*The projects undertaken in HKUST are being supported by the Hong Kong Jockey Club, General Research Fund (GRF), Collaborative Research Fund (CRF) and Strategic Public Policy Research (SPPR) Funding Scheme.