Yung Hou

PhD in Pharmacology
Associate Dean of Science
Chair Professor
Director of Biotechnology Research Institute
Director of Molecular Neuroscience Center
Program Director of MSc Program in Biotechnology
Associate Director of Center for Aging Science
Research Area
Research Interests
Cell signaling
Selected Publications
Lau, Wai In; Chan, Siu Lung Anthony; Wong, Yung Hou, Melatonin MT1 receptor-mediated STAT3 activation through Galpha16, 2008, Link
Tse, Kai Hei; Chow, K.B.S.; Leung, W.K.; Wong, Yung Hou; Wise, H., Lipopolysaccharide differentially modulates expression of cytokines and cyclooxygenases in dorsal root ganglion cells via Toll-like receptor-4 dependent pathways, 2014, Link
Antonelli, Valeria; Bernasconi, Francesca; Wong, Yung Hou; Vallar, Lucia, Activation of B-Raf and regulation of the mitogen-activated protein kinase pathway by the G(o) alpha chain, 2000, Link
Ho, Maurice Kwok Chung; Mei, Hua; Yung, Ying; Wu, Zhenguo; Ip, Nancy Yuk Yu; Wong, Yung Hou, GAlphaz inhibits myogenic differentiation of C2C12 cells, 2008, Link
Ho, Maurice K.C.; Wong, Yung Hou, The amino terminus of G alpha(z) is required for receptor recognition, whereas its alpha 4/beta 6 loop is essential for inhibition of adenylyl cyclase, 2000, Link
Kam, Angel Y.F.; Wong, Yung Hou, The regulation of c-Jun N-terminal kinase by opioid receptors involves Rac and Cdc42, 2001, Link
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Mody, Sejal M.; Ho, Maurice K.C.; Joshi, SA; Wong, Yung Hou, Incorporation of G alpha(z)-specific sequence at the carboxyl terminus increases the promiscuity of G alpha(16) toward G(i)-coupled receptors, 2000, Link
Law, Pingyee; Wong, Yung Hou; Loh, Horace, Molecular mechanisms and regulation of opioid receptor signaling, 2000, Link
Chan, Siu Lung Anthony; Wong, Yung Hou, Regulation of C-jun N-terminal kinase by the ORL1 receptor through multiple G proteins, 2000, Link
Chan, Joy S.C.; Lee, J.W.M.; Ho, Maurice K.C.; Wong, Yung Hou, Preactivation permits subsequent stimulation of phospholipase C by G(i)-coupled receptors, 2000, Link
Lai, K.H.; Yung, H.S.; Wong, Yung Hou; Wise, Helen, Nerve growth factor-induced differentiation of rat pheochromocytoma (PC12) cells leads to changes in adenylyl cyclase activity, 2008, Link
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Yeung, Wing Shan; Wong, Yung Hou, RhoA-specific guanine nucleotide exchange factor p63RhoGEF modulates Galpha16 signaling, 2009, Link
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Chan, Siu Lung Anthony; Lau, Wai In; Wong, Yung Hou, Melatonin MT1 Receptor-mediated PKD Activation, 2009, Link
Chan, G.P.W.; Chan, W.W.I.; Wong, Yung Hou, Galphaq subunits interact with the Fhit tumor suppressor, 2009, Link
Liu, Wen; Wong, Ka Ming; Chan, Siu Lung Anthony; Wong, Yung Hou, Non-dissociable Gβ-Gα fusion proteins reveal different mechanisms of G protein activation, 2018, Link